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Wood Post and Rail / Split Rail Fencing

2 Rail Split Rail Fence

Round Cedar Post & Rail fencing is a beautiful and affordable option for separating property boundaries or decorating the front yard.  This fence can easily be modified to included our Riverdale galvanized after the weld wire and used to secure pets and children.  Our Round Cedar Post & Rail is heavier than what is commonly offered by the “big box stores”. Available in 2-Rail, 3-Rail, and 4-Rail fencing.

Traditional Split Rail Fencing is offered in both Locust Post & hemlock rail fence or Pressure Treated Split Rail fence.  Due to recent price increases and the decline in quality of Locust fence, Paramount offers only premium grade pressure treated split rail fence.  Our split rail fencing is available in 2-Rail (3′ tall), 3-Rail (4′ tall), and 4-Rail fencing (5′ tall).

Diamond Post & Rail fence is the highest end post & rail fencing we offer and is great for painting or staining. This classic look is Typically used in front yard applications as a decorative fence. Our Diamond Post & Rail fencing is available in 2-Rail (3′ tall), 3-Rail (4′ tall), and 4-Rail (5′ tall) fencing.

Flat Board Fencing is the most versatile of the wood post and board fencing options.  2, 3 and 4 board fencing can be modified with welded wire as a pet enclosure while depending on the size of your pet, 5, 6, 7 and 8 board fences can be used without the addition of welded wire fencing and still keep your pets or children safe and secure.

Slip Board Fencing combines the nice clean lines of the flat board fencing and the pocketed through rails of split rail fencing.  This style fence adds a nice contemporary look to this family of old school farm fences.  Slip board fence is available in 3 rail (4′ tall), and 4 rail (5′ tall) fencing.

Random Width Flat Board Fencing.  Talk about adding some flare to your old traditional flat board fencing.  This style is a super contemporary looking fence on a budget.  The smaller spacing between boards allows you to use this fence for pets or children.  Available in any height.