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Installing a Fence in Eagleville, PA (19403)

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Do I Need A Permit To Install A Fence In Eagleville, PA?

When planning a fence installation project in Eagleville, PA there are a few things you should take into consideration before getting too far ahead of yourself in planning designs or styles.  Eagleville extends into multiple townships, most dominantly West Norriton township and Lower Providence township.  Both townships require permits for fence installation and we have included the links to the permit applications below:

West Norriton Township Fence Permit

Lower Providence Township Fence Permit

Fence Codes In Eagleville, PA

In Eagleville if you reside in West Norriton township, there are height restrictions to take into consideration.  In the back and side yards, there is a max height of 8′ allowed.  Other than that, as a property owner you have flexibility to choose the material you would like, such as wood  fencing, vinyl fencing, or ornamental aluminum fencing.  Certain styles are allowed in the back and side yards, such as vinyl privacy fence and custom wooden solid board style fencing.  If your property falls in West Norriton township, the height restriction for the back and side yards is 6′ tall.

There are tighter restrictions when choosing a fence for the front yard in Lower Providence township than in West Norriton township, which only requires the fence be no higher than 6′ tall.  The fences may be no higher than 5′ tall and must be open. Great options for fencing to conform to these limitations are split rail fencingvinyl ranch rail, or ornamental aluminum fencing.  Properties that have large corner lots are to treat those corner lots as front yards when taking the fencing rules and regulations into consideration.

To find out more about the fence codes in Eagleville, PA and to learn more about commercial fencing codes, follow the links below:

West Norriton 360 Code

Lower Providence 360 Code 

How Do I Find My Property Lines In Eagleville, PA?

If you are interest in reviewing your property lines to see where which township you reside in, or if you would like to put together a plot plan for your permit application, you can access the Montgomery County tax map at the link provided below:

Montgomery County Property Records 

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