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Collegeville Commercial Snow Removal

As a new commercial snow and ice management client, a site meeting will be scheduled to determine
the scope of work required as well as to set the level of service expectations.

During the site meeting a clear determination of expected snow event outcomes will be defined.

Snow Removal

From light snow fall to extreme weather scenarios we offer the best snow and ice removal services in Montgomery County, Chester County and surrounding areas. Based out of Collegeville, PA our lineup of plow trucks, heavy snow equipment, and snow blowers offer the fastest cycle times paired with a level of service second to none!

Specializing in commercial ice and snow removal, no job is too big or complex for our production capacity. Focus on proper staffing in even the most extreme weather conditions ensures your expected scope of work is met with rapid response times.

Ice Management & Prevention

Ice risk is no joking matter! Not only do we de-ice your property during and after snow fall; we also offer comprehensive ice prevention services. Start time, trigger depth, completion time, and description of surface condition will all be discussed to guarantee your expected level of service is met this winter. Erasing your risk of Liability is our motivation!

According to the CDC, an estimated 1 million Americans are injured every year from ice and snow related accidents. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Services found over 42,000 people were injured on the job from ice, sleet, and snow in 2014, resulting in at least one day off of work. Don’t let your business suffer this winter from easily avoidable incidents. Eliminate your snow and ice risk with one of Paramount Fencing Inc’s individualized custom ice prevention services.

Dedicated Work Force

Paramount Fencing Inc offers 24/7 Snow and Ice Removal – all winter long. Our mission is to ensure your business is always safe and ready for the start of the day!

We are a SIMA (Snow and Ice Management Association) trained and certified workforce. Keeping up with modern trends, services and products provides our clients exceptional snow removal services.


  • Plow Trucks ranging from 8.5ft to 11.5ft!
  • Large Skid Steers w/ tracks
  • Small Skid Steers
  • Dingos w/ plow attachments
  • Commercial grade snow blowers ranging from 30in – 42in
  • V Box Salt Spreaders w/ 2-ton capacity

Commercial Snow Removal Contracts

The best commercial snow removal contract for you will probably be different than someone else. Not every site will need the same level of services. An HOA with busy foot traffic would require an entirely different level of service than a corporate office. One corporate office to another could vary greatly. Even a single corporate office may require a different level of service in some areas than others.

Each contract is completely customizable to ensured your scope of work is met. Within the different snow removal contracts you will personalize what level of service you would like to receive. Our levels go Tier 1 (most comprehensive), Tier 2, Tier 3, Specialized, Micro, or a Combination of these.

We offer 5 types of snow removal billing contracts:



Labor + Material



Additional Info:

Some items that would be defined in (LOS) the level of service expectations would be:

  • Service initiation – At what point of a snow or ice event would services start. This includes pre-
    event services such as sidewalks treated with calcium chloride before the initial snow or ice fall,
    liquid calcium chloride, sodium chloride or magnesium chloride may be used on streets and in
    commercial lots to minimize snow accumulation and prevent ice from adhering to the road.
  • A snow or ice event is any forecasted weather system that could produce any type of
    precipitation or combination of snow, hail, sleet or freezing rain. An ice event could
    occur after a forecasted rain overnight rainstorm combined with cold morning
    temperatures. This is where a clearly defined LOS expectation is important. If you are
    new to snow and ice contracts or even a seasoned vet, these details could be missed,
    leaving your company vulnerable to injury lawsuits resulting from the lack of deicing
    lots, sidewalks, bus stops, and etc.
  • Timeframe for completion – LOS timeframes are very important. A supermarket may require
    that sidewalks, the main aisle in front and rear of the lot and one aisle leading directly to an
    entrance be always maintained. An HOA may require sidewalks be cleared and treated before
    7AM when homeowners are starting their day. These are referred to as Level 1 service
    priorities. The remaining main lot for the supermarket may be set at Level 2 priority and the
    rear lot behind the supermarket a Level 4 or 5 priority level.
  • Who will determine service initiation? This is important because the liability for injury lies with
    the decision maker from the time a snow event starts and the initiation for service begins.
    There are two options. The service manager or company designee responsible snow
    maintenance or the contractor. Managers often opt to manage this themselves to maintain
    budgets. Others will provide the authority to their contractor with a list of criteria that would
    need to be met in order to initiate services. In either case, open communication and dialogue
    are always necessary.
  • Try to determine the most important areas to be set at Level 1 priority based on normal foot
    traffic. A site map clearly identifying the levels of priority will be provided as part of your
  • Do I have space for salt storage on my site? Local salt storage for large properties ensures
    makes it easy for your contractor meet the level of maintenance that is expected, especially is
    snow and ice events with high snow accumulations in short time frames.
  • If your facility is secured with locked gates, gate operators or other security features, how will
    access be granted.
  • In large snow events, the need to stack snow will be required. Determine the best location for
    snow stacking. Do you need stacked snow to be removed from the site?
  • Who will be responsible for snow stakes? Snow stakes are used to define area that cannot be plowed. These areas are marked
    clearly for the contractor and include medians within a lot, grass covered areas that run
    along a lot and any other area that when snow covered would be invisible to the plow
    driver and could be damaged by the plow.
  • Materials to be used – Every customer has a unique set of factors. If you are not familiar with
    the products that are available for pre and post snow and ice events or what may or may not be
    important to the end user, Paramount Fencing Inc. is here to assist. Here are a few things to
    think about: $ Rock Salt $ – $$ Calcium Chloride $$ – $$$ Safe Paw Dog Pet Powerful Ice Melt $$$ – $$$$ Eco Solutions Organic Melt Premium Granular Ice & Snow Melt $$$$

Let Paramount Fencing Inc. keep your clientele and staff safe this winter! For more information or to receive a free estimate Book online, or call us now at #484-975-3180