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Installing a Fence in Lower Providence Township (19403)

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Taking the steps to have a fencing company install a fence in Lower Providence Township, Montgomery County is a fairly simple process.  There are township regulations to be aware of but they are very clearly spelled out in the zoning permit application.

A Lower Providence Zoning Permit is required for all fence installations for both new and existing fence replacement. The permit will require a plot plan of your property. Paramount Fencing Inc will provide the drawings required for the permit submission.  If you would like to locate your property lines, Montgomery County’s website offers the county tax map for reference and you can access it by following this link: Montco PA Property Records

As a homeowner you have a wide range of choices in the style of fencing you would like to have installed.  The only limitation for the backyard and side yard is that the fence can be no higher than 8’ tall.  In the front yard, which the township designates as any piece of property that lands between the front corner of your home to the street, the maximum height for a fence is 5’ tall.  Lower Providence Township does not allow privacy fencing in the front yard. They limit fencing companies to install only open metal fencing, such as ornamental aluminum , vinyl ranch rail fencing and split rail fencing.  Should you choose to go with fencing in the front yard, the opening between the wooden or vinyl boards has to be at least 4” wide. There must be a gap of 1′-2′ between the fence and the sidewalk.  Furthermore, chain link fencing is prohibited in the front yards of properties in Lower Providence unless the homeowner obtains special permission from the zoning board.

The link below will provide further information on both residential and commercial fencing in Lower Providence Township.

Lower Providence 360 Fence Code  

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