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Paramount Fencing Inc. is a 5 Star Rated Fencing Installation contractor and supplier serving Norristown Borough and the surrounding areas.

If you are considering a fence contractor in Norristown PA, there are a few factors to consider while planning. This page covers the basic fence rules and regulations for the Borough of Norristown. If you live outside the borough, follow one of the links below.

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Do I need a permit to build a fence in Norristown?

If you are installing a fence in Norristown then a zoning permit is required.  While the permit is the homeowner’s responsibility, often times fence contractor will take care of the permit process for you. To make the process easier for you, we have provided a link below to Norristown borough’s fence permit application. Paramount Fencing Inc. will take care of the drawings for you and all you need to do is fill out some basic information.

Norristown Borough Fence Permit Application

What styles of fence can I install in Norristown?

Norristown borough does not have many restrictions when it comes to the style a fence contractor can install.  Norristown does ban barbed wire, razor wire, and electric fences.  If you live within the borough of Norristown, your back yard fence cannot be taller than 6 feet high and the front yard fence cannot be taller than 4 feet high. If you are looking for a fence to provide privacy, vinyl fencing and wood fences are a good choice.  Keep in mind that when installing a wood fence, the finished side must face the neighbor’s property.  All structural beams must face your house.  If you would like to hide the structural beams, double sided privacy wood fences or shadow box wood fencing are great alternatives to a standard stick built wood fence.

In the front yard installing a vinyl picket fence, wood picket fence, or a stockade fence is a great way to stay within the height restriction without blocking any views.  If you live on a corner lot make sure to leave a clear sight triangle of 75 feet from the fence to the intersection. A fence contractor, such as Paramount Fencing Inc., can help walk you through all of these rules.

How can I locate my property lines in Norristown, PA?

Typically using the map, measuring tool and a decent metal detector Paramount Fencing, Inc. is able to locate your property pins. Property pins are typically a rebar stake in the ground or a concrete monument. To take a look at your property lines on-line and to use the measuring tool, follow this link:

Montgomery County Property Records

Now, all of that said, downtown Norristown is typically a bit more difficult. This is due to the amount of construction, replacing sidewalks and etc. in this historic area. As fence contractors, Paramount Fencing, Inc. does work with a surveyor that “typically” charges $550 for a property less than a half of an acre. Check our blog, Do I need a Survey to Install a Fence.

Norristown Fence Locate Property Lines Fence Contractor

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