Paramount Fencing Inc. Installation Warranty

Our 5-Year Installation Warranty
Paramount Fencing Inc. will warranty any defects in workmanship for the first 5 years after the fence installation. Our warranty covers installation errors only. Fence materials will change appearance, dimension and shape due to the process of aging and exposure to the elements. Wood fence materials are subject to warping and cracking. Defects to the fence and fence hardware caused by these natural changes to the material are specifically excluded from this warranty. Although, it may be be covered by the actual manufacturer’s warranty. Also excluded from our 5-year Installation Warranty is normal wear-and-tear, vandalism, vehicular damage, and damaged done from climbing or swinging on gates.

Our Promise
Installation defects are placed on the top of our priority list. As always your call for service will be returned within 30 minutes. Your fence repair will be scheduled within 3 working days of your initial call.