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Installing a Fence in Rosemont, PA (19010)

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Frequently Asked Questions:

The requirements of a permit in Rosemont, PA depend on where the property is located.  Rosemont spans two different townships : Radnor Township and Lower Merion Township.

A Zoning Permit is required in the Lower Merion Township when one proposes to erect a fence that is higher than four feet within the front yard setback and when one replaces an existing fence.

A zoning permit is required in Radnor Township for all fencing projects.

Use the link below to go directly to the permit application for Radnor Township.

Use the link below to go directly to the permit application for Lower Merion Township.

The homeowner is responsible for filing the permit.  Paramount Fencing will take care of the drawings for you and then you have a few line items to fill out. 

In Radnor Township, you cannot have a fence that exceeds 6′ in height except in the front yard where the height restriction is 4′.  The finished side of the fence must face the adjacent lots.

Follow the link below to the Radnor Township fence code.

In Lower Merion Township, you cannot have a fence that exceeds 6′ in height.  If you are to erect a fence more than 6′ in height, it must be 75% open. There are several requirements for different scenarios.  Lower Merion Township has put together a clear list of these different scenarios and what is expected according to the zoning laws.

Follow the link below to the Lower Merion Township Fence Code.

Paramount Fencing Inc. works with a surveying company on the regular basis but in many situations, we are able to locate a few of the pins and use the county tax map to mark the remaining lines.

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