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Installing a Fence in Bridgeport Borough (19405)

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Do I Need A Permit To Install A Fence In Bridgeport, PA?

When considering fence installation in Bridgeport, PA there are a few things that you should be aware of.  First of all, the borough of Bridgeport requires you to file a permit for all new fence installations. S we have provided a link to Bridgeport’s building permit below:

Bridgeport Fence Permit Application

Bridgeport Fencing Codes

There are limitations when installing a fence in Bridgeport, PA.  In the rear yard, you can install a fence up to 6 feet high. You can choose anything from vinyl privacy fencing, to chain link fencing, and everything in between so the options are limitless. However, your front yard fence can be no higher than 5 feet tall.  Bridgeport requires that fences placed in front yards be an open style of fencing. Ornamental aluminumsplit rail fencing, and flat board fencing all fall under this category and are acceptable for your front yard.

To learn more about the rules of residential and commercial fencing in Bridgeport PA, visit the link below:

Bridgeport 360 eCode

How Do I Locate My Property Lines In Bridgeport, PA?

Using the county map, a measuring tool and a decent metal detector, Paramount Fencing, Inc. is able to locate your property pins for you. Property pins are usually a rebar stake in the ground or a concrete marker. To take a look at your property lines online and to use the measuring tool, follow this link: Montgomery County Property Records . Now, all of that said, downtown Bridgeport is typically a bit more difficult. This is due to the amount of construction, replacing sidewalks and etc. in this densely populated area. Paramount Fencing, Inc. does work with a surveyor that “typically” charges $550 for a property less than a half of an acre. Check our blog, Do I need a Survey to Install a Fence

Bridgeport Fencing Company

Locating property lines in Bridgeport, PA


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