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Vinyl Fence Styles

Eastern Illusions Privacy Fence Styles (V300)

The Eastern Illusions V300 Series is our full privacy vinyl fence line which is offered in a wide variety of styles and designs. This neighbor friendly fence is a great option to enjoy the privacy of your own home with an attractive divider of shared property lines. The V300 privacy fence is our most commonly sold vinyl fence. The base section (V300-6 “full privacy”) can stand on its own or you can add one of our Lattice or Spindle topper styles for a more decorative look. These sections are manufactured with our full privacy interlocking tongue & groove board and heavy duty 1.5″x6″ steel reinforced bottom rail. The V300 Privacy fence is offered with many optional toppers.  Like all of vinyl fences and railings, this is offered in 35 colors and 5 wood grain vinyl options.  Matching gates are available for all fence styles.  Try mixing and matching vinyl fence styles or even colors.   

Eastern Illusions Semi-Private Vinyl Fence Styles (V500)

The Eastern Illusions V500 series is our vinyl Semi-Privacy fence & gate line. Semi-Private vinyl fence styles allow light and air to pass through the fence and give your yard an open yet still private feel.  The V500 fence series has full height privacy pickets in your choice of either 3” wide, 6” wide or alternating 6” and 1.5” wide pickets for a really cool look.  The space between pickets is approx. one half of an inch.  Just enough to get the feel of a total privacy fence but with some light and air flow in the yard.  The V500 semi private vinyl fence style offers the addition of several lattice and spindle toppers.  This fence style is offered in 35 colors and 5 wood grain vinyl options. 

Eastern Illusions Board on Board Fence Styles (V210)

The Eastern Illusions V210 series is our Board on Board Fence Style.  This fence definitely falls in the Semi-Privacy fence & gate category with 6” x 7/8″ boards overlapping each other in a “shadowbox” fence style (that maintains semi-privacy while allowing air to pass through)Board on Board or Shadowbox Semi-Private fence styles allow more light and air to pass through than the V500 semi private line.  This fence style offers a great privacy option when quarters are not so close.  The V210 semi private fence style offers the addition of several lattice and spindle toppers.  This fence style is offered in 35 colors and 5 wood grain vinyl options. 

Semi-Private Fencing

Eastern Illusions Decorative Lattice Fence Styles

Vinyl Lattice fences are perfect for gardens, flower beds, and exterior accents such as trash surrounds, utility enclosures and pool equipment particularly when combined with a bit of landscape.  These Illusions Lattice Fence panels are created with your artistic personality in mind. They are a great fence to help accentuate perimeters with style. The Old English Lattice (VSQL) is available in all standard heights and is rapidly becoming one of our most popular fence options but there are several styles to choose from.

Eastern Illusions Picket Fence Styles

The Eastern Illusions vinyl picket fence come in three base styles.  Classic Victorian Vinyl Picket Fence which offers 9 different style options, Contemporary Vinyl Picket Fence which offers an additional 14 styles and Ornamental Vinyl Picket Fence which offers another 9 styles to choose from.  This classic vinyl fence design offers a great maintenance free option to traditional wood fences.  These fence styles can be used as a decorative property divider or yard enclosure and are also offered in all of Eastern’s color finishes including 5 wood grain finish options.

Ranch Rail Fencing

Eastern Illusions Vinyl Farm Fence Styles

Post and Rail is our classic ranch rail design which is an affordable option for dividing large properties, great along roadways and as a corral for horses and livestock.  Standard fencing of this style typically requires a lot of maintenance and upkeep, whereas our vinyl option will allow you to enjoy your fence with none of the work.  We offer this style of fence in two, three, four, and crossbuck rail options.  Installation of premium vinyl coated wire on vinyl farm fence will help to secure the property perimeter.