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Installing a Fence in Collegeville Borough (19426)

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In the borough of Collegeville, you will need a permit for all fence installation.  The application, which can be found here: Collegeville Zoning Permit, clearly outlines step by step what you can expect from the process. There is a $50 flat fee for the application and it requires a plot plan.  Paramount Fencing Inc will provide the drawings for the application.  If you would like to review your property lines you can access the Montgomery County tax parcel map here : Montgomery County Property Records 

Collegeville does not allow fences to be taller than 4′ high in the front yards and the back and side yards have a fence height limit of 6′ tall.  The borough does not limit the homeowner to any specific styles of fencing so there is a wide range of options to choose from.  Many homeowners opt to go for a transition  section from the 4′ height to the 6′ tall fencing in the back, which is easily obtainable by mixing and matching different vinyl fencing styles. Another popular option for fencing with transition sections is our stick by stick custom built wood fencing. Many customers choose to transition from picket style fencing in the front to solid fencing in the back for added privacy.

For further information on Collegeville’s fence rules and regulations, as well as information on commercial fencing guidelines you can follow the link below:

Collegeville 360 Code

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