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Installing a Fence in Charlestown Township (19355)

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Looking to install a new fence in Charlestown township? 

Charlestown Township Links and Requirements

Looking to install a new fence in Charlestown township?  The township requires a permit for all new fence installation as well as replacements.  Luckily for you, Charlestown Township really does not limit you too much in style or height.  Basically, as long as your new fence will be 6′ tall or less in height and it does not obstruct the line of sight on a corner property, you can do as you please.  Of course, this does not include pool enclosures.  All pool fences must comply with the national BOCA code for fencing.  See the township code at Charlestown Township Code.

If you looking to go with a fence taller than 6′ than the style must have a ratio of open space to solid area of at least four-to-one.  The most popular style of open fences that would comply are ornamental aluminum fencing.  Be sure to check with your homeowners association if you have one before choosing the style of fence you would like to go with.  Charlestown township requires HOA approval with the submission of zoning permit application, which can be found here: Charlestown Township Zoning Application

The Permit Process and your Property Lines

As with many permit applications, Charlestown Township will require drawings to be included as well as the simple application above.  Paramount Fencing Inc. will provide these drawings for you.  We work with a surveying company on a regular basis but in many situations, we are able to locate a few of the pins and use the county tax map to mark the remaining lines.  A more detailed map is often available at the township office. Chester County also offers a map on their website : Chester County Chesco Views

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