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Residential and Commercial Aluminum Fence Styles

Paramount Fencing Inc. offers ornamental aluminum fence manufactured by Eastern Fence, Jerith fence and Specrail fencing companies. All of these aluminum fence companies have been in business for more than 45 years and have long and proud traditions of quality and service to their customers. WHY so many manufacturer’s? Paramount Fencing Inc. tries to offer the largest aluminum fencing product selection available to our customers. While Eastern Fence is the primary product line, it offers the most popular styles at the best price. Jerith and Specrail offer a much larger selection of styles and heights for the discriminating customer. In addition,  all of these aluminum fence companies offer a comparable high quality fence. All are a hidden screw technology that make for a seamless installation.

Paramount Fencing, Inc. is a premier aluminum fence contractor located in Collegeville, Montgomery County PA.  We offer the largest selection of industrial, commercial and residential fencing in the area.   We offer aluminum fence installation throughout Montgomery and Chester Counties as well as parts of Delaware County.


Eastern Ornamental Aluminum

Eastern Ornamental Aluminum Fence Style # EO4101 Installed atop of a Retaining Wall.


Specrail Doggie Panel Modification

Specrail Aluminum Fence Panel with Doggie Panel in lower third section. This will keep smaller pets in or add detail to any design.


Eastern Ornamental Aluminum

5′ Tall Eastern Ornamental Fence



This fence is designed to blend into the natural cadence of virtually any landscape. Embracing a traditional fence style, it comes with an accent of spear points across the top.



This style is designed for pool areas. The flat top rail along with no pickets extended below the bottom rail is designed for safety in pool areas.



With its classis smooth rail top & traditional spear points below, the Essex is designed to meet the most demanding aesthetic needs.



This classic design with smooth rail top reflects the mood of a late spring evening.



The height of simplicity, this fence with smooth top rail has been modified so that pickets do not extend through the bottom rail.