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What to Consider When Buying Ornamental Fencing

As a leading purveyor of decorative iron fences in Norristown, PA, Paramount Fencing understands the importance of balancing safety and aesthetics. When you’re getting ready to have a fence installed, each kind of material has its own benefits. Vinyl fencing is affordable, durable, and practically maintenance-free. Wood fencing is classic, rustic, and cost-effective. While ease of upkeep and aesthetics are essential considerations, vinyl and wood certainly aren’t the only two options to choose from.

Metal fencing is incredibly strong, and an ornamental steel or iron fence can add elegance while lasting for a very long time. This type of fence is especially enticing for landowners who want to establish boundaries on their property for security purposes, but don’t want the fencing to take away from the beautiful appearance of their homes. While ornamental iron fencing offers both increased curb appeal and safety, check out this video on a few things that you should consider before investing. Continue reading for a more in-depth look into how Paramount Fencing can help you find the perfect ornamental metal fencing.


Your Existing Style

One of the primary considerations when buying an ornamental iron fence is how you can match it to your home’s existing style. Both iron and cast iron fences can be designed to incorporate aesthetics from your home to create a distinguished look that will stand out in your neighborhood as well as lasting decades with little to no upkeep.

Privacy Needs

An ornamental iron fence can deter unwanted animals and people from entering your property, although most incorporate an open design and don’t decrease visibility onto your property. If there are individual sections of the yard you want to block from outside property, consider combining your iron fence with another material, such as wood or brick. Shrubs, flowers, and trees are also useful in reinforcing the boundary around your property while adding natural elements to increase privacy for neighbors, drivers on the road, or passersby.

Overall Design

Your ornamental fence doesn’t just have to complement the outside of your home; it can have its own character. From fancy designs like rings and scrolls to pewter finishes, you can customize this fence even more so than vinyl or wood. Whether you’re looking to extend your Gothic aesthetic or introduce a Victorian design, ornamental metal fences allow you to experiment and enhance the visual and thematic presence of your yard.


Metal fencing has a higher initial cost than wood or vinyl. The truth is, a metal fence can last for more than a lifetime if it is properly maintained. With proper installation and design, upkeep is very low-maintenance in its own right.

Ornamental Steel Fencing by Ameristar

Paramount Fencing proudly offers residential, commercial, and industry ornamental metal fencing near Norristown, PA, and the surrounding areas. Whether you are looking to enhance your home’s curb appeal or want a fence that easier to maintain, contact us today to learn more about how our ornamental fencing is perfect for you!

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