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Why Understanding Property Lines Is Essential for Your Fence Installation
December 11, 2019
Chain Link Fence

Finding the Right Choice for Your Commercial Property Fence Installation

One of the most essential methods of keeping a commercial property safe from intruders — both humans and animals — is to erect a sturdy barrier of vinyl, chain link, or aluminum fencing. Commercial fencing materials must be stronger and more durable than the materials used to build residential fences. But all businesses are not the same, and it’s important for commercial properties to be protected by the right fencing material. 

Watch this video about the three sturdy commercial fencing styles that Paramount Fencing provides to businesses of all industries, then continue reading below for more insight about each material.


Vinyl fencing is great for casual businesses that are not involved with construction or the use of any heavy machinery. If you decide to install a commercial vinyl fence, you will want to use VMA-Certified, 100% Pure Virgin Vinyl fencing material. Paramount fencing provides vinyl fencing by Eastern Fence, who are at the top of their tier, as far as superb fencing materials go.

Chain Link 

A commercial chain link fence is ideal for businesses that have lots of valuable assets stored in a large area of property that could potentially be vulnerable to criminals. However, chain link fencing can also be used in warehouses, parking lots, schoolyards, and many other private and public areas. 

Industrial Aluminum

Industrial aluminum ornamental fencing is best suited for property that needs extremely strong barriers, while still maintaining an attractive appeal to potential customers. Businesses that are located close to busy roads and areas with heavy foot traffic could benefit from an industrial aluminum ornamental fence.

Protect Your Property With Paramount Fencing

Whether your commercial property needs a brand new fence or partial replacements, Paramount Fencing has the skills and resources needed to get the job done right. No matter if you’re looking for a split fence in Spring City or a cedar fence contractor in Kimberton, PA, contact us for more details about what we do and how we can help you.

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